Recent Collections:

On and Below the Surface

Hues and forms of the local landscape, rust and found objects from landscape and waterscape, combine to inspire the collection of artwork in “On or Below the Surface”.

Bog cotton, heathers and even decaying antiquities become entwined within the layers of paint, melted wax and vibrant pigment to enthral and captivate the viewer.

My Road

“This collection reflects my fascination with the roads that I travel every day: dipping or twisting, up hills and down hills; the bends, the turns and the corners; the bridges and crossroads; even the potholes.

Everything changes with the seasons, day by day and even minute by minute. You never see the road the same again, however often you travel it. The light may fall differently on the leaves casting new shadows.

Many of my paintings are of roads and others are about roads in the wider and more abstract sense. Roads go beyond the physical line and the tarmac.

Roads remind me of life as you never know who, when and what you are going to encounter.


A combination of encaustic, old rusty objects and various mediums have come together to form the latest series in Rosemarie’s work entitled “Nostalgia “. Spontaneity describes the artist’s approach to this collection, hand forming each unique and individual piece one at a time using diverse, organic materials – including rust-marked metals, bio-degraded and decaying objects, and ethereal eco dyed paper.

The individual art pieces reflect bygone days and are an expression of the fragile environment we all live in, blended into a cohesive and haunting collection.