a little about me

Rosemarie Langtry is a contemporary visual artist working and teaching from her studio in the midlands, also known as the heart of Ireland.

She is inspired by the nature that surrounds her home in the heart of Ireland – particularly rural and bog-landscapes, found and corroded man-made objects, and the abundant waterways her native county is known for. These inspirations are reflected in her highly evocative work, which creates a strong, organic sense of place when you view it. Her exhibitions, which have taken place all over the world, give voice to her unique perspective on the natural environment she works in, and the human remnants she recovers within it.

My art process has evolved from my experience working the land as a child. Digging, weeding, turning, saving, collecting, my hands-on contact and connection with the land and nature.

I love textures, layers, digging, burying and the process of making using my hands. Inspired and influenced by found rusty items with a history, marks made by nature, recycled material, cardboard, the landscape, and materials surrounding me.

I have a passion or addiction to gather, collect, and hoarding objects to reuse.

Rosemarie enjoys the challenge of experimentation with many mediums and works spontaneously, often incorporating rust or decaying objects to include something from the past to compel her audience and give extra dimension and meaning to her art.

“My work is an intuitive engagement with materials, and it is made with speed and spontaneity allowing the momentum to guide it. I work in many mediums: on canvas, paper, wood and also in various sculpted forms. I have recently become intrigued by painting in encaustic. I love it’s freedom, how it flows, and it’s textural translucency.”

Rosemarie Langtry

My Education & Training CV

Rosemarie is an Art Teacher, facilitating art workshops for community groups of all ages and abilities from her Studio.

2014    Rosemarie graduated in Fine Art in 2014 from GMI

2015    Residency at Cill Rialaig, Co Kerry

2016    International Scholarship to the 10th (2016)) International Encaustic Conference

Provincetown, Mass, USA.

2018    Encaustic Residency, Encaustic Castle AIR

Kentucky, USA

2019    International Scholarship at the 13th International Encaustic Conference

Provincetown, MA, USA.

2019    Exhibited by invitation at the prestigious 2019 Webster Art fair

St Louis, KY, USA.